[CLOSED] Massive Giveaway Babiato 100,000 Members Celebration Competition!!!


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Jul 24, 2019
🎉 🥳 🎆 The Competition is closed🎆🥳🎉

*** Read the thread very carefully, it is a long one ***

To celebrate Babiato reaching 100,000 Members we have a very special competition for you.

First the rules...

1) You must have made 10 posts before you enter.
2) You can only enter once.
3) You must have made an Introduction post in the Introductions Section before you enter.
4) Your entry will consist of a single post in this thread where you tell us about your Babiato journey. Things like how you discovered the site, how you've
benefited from it and things you'd like to see us improve etc. Note: A 1 line post is not enough here and will be deleted.
5) If you break any of the above rules you entry will be deleted and you will be banned from the competition.

Ok, Now to the prizes (and in no particular order)...

Winners 1 - 5: I will install and activate Genuine Licences for Elementor Pro, Astra Agency Bundle & 3 Elementor Addons of your choice on 1 of your websites for you. For more info see my sales thread below...

Winner 6: This one is thanks to @Webstod. They will provide you with a private Envato Elements account for 6 months (will have to be renewed each month). You can see their sales thread here...

Winner 7: This one is also thanks to @Webstod. You will win a 1 year Canva Pro EDU account with your own private workplace which means you can add unlimited team members to it.
(Note: The winner of this will NOT be allowed to use it to sell the service on Babiato).

Winner 8: Thanks to @Hexor who will provide you with a 1 Month Grammarly account.

Winner 9: Also thanks to @Hexor you will get a 3 year slot on a Canva EDU Team account.

Winner 10: Yet another one from @Hexor you will get a shared slot on a NordVPN 3 year account.

Winner 11: Thanks to @Sashidhar073 you win his Google News Approval Service. For more info see his thread...

Winners 12 - 22: This is very generously provided by @TheOneAboveAll you will receive one of the following packages (they will be drawn in order)...

- 20 latest Yellow Image mockups and a vehicle Kit
- 10 latest Yellow Image mockups and a vehicle Kit
- 5 latest Yellow Image mockups
- 2 Sports Templates mockups
- 1 Sports Templates mockups
- 3 Mockup Cloud kits
- 2 Mockup Cloud kits
- 1 Mockup Cloud kit
- 3 Mr. Mockup kits
- 2 Mr. Mockup kits

- 1 Mr. Mockup kit

For more info you can see his sales threads...

Winner 23: This one is thanks to @Indiweb who will install and activate the Publisher Theme with a Genuine Licence on 1 of your websites. You can find more info on his sales thread...

Winner 24: Thanks to @Azrael you will receive a 1 year private Grammarly account. More info in their sales thread...

Winner 25: Again thanks to @Azrael you will win a 1 month Cpanel VPS Shared Licence. More details here...

Winner 26: Another one thanks to @Azrael you will win 1 Month of their Affordable SEO Agency Plan. More details on this thread...

Winner 27: Yet another one thanks to @Azrael the winner of this will receive a 4G Ram VPS (Windows or Linux) for 1 Month (Terms Apply*) - More Details to follow.

*Terms: You can not use this for mass email sending(illegal) or host DMCA content or use it for hacking/DDOS others and etc...

Winners 28 & 29: Thanks to @TassieNZ you will win free access to his private ui8.net download group. For more details see this thread...

Winners 30 & 31: Another one thanks to @TassieNZ if you win this one you will get access to his private PM group which offers a FULLY nulled version of the Crocoblock suite of tools that you can use on unlimited sites, even allowing you to install the Dynamic Templates. For more info see..

Winners 32 & 33: If you win this one @TassieNZ will grant you access to a shared Mega Folder containing the much sought after Dave Foy - No Stress Wordpress Course.

Winners 34 & 35: If you win this one @TassieNZ will grant you access to a shared Mega Folder containing the much sough after Iman Gadzi - Agency Incubator Course.

Winners 36 & 37: Yet another one thanks to @TassieNZ this time you will win access to a private group that contains a FULLY working Null of Neve Theme & Neve Pro that you can use on unlimited sites. For more info see...

Winner 38: Thanks to @mader you will win their Canva EDU service. See here for the details...

Winners 39 & 40: Again thanks to @mader you will win his Invideo service. See here for more details...

Winner 41: Thanks to @Rockyp you will win an invite to a team Invideo account as a team member with your email/password.

Winners 42 - 46: Thanks to @BlakenFist they will install and activate a genuine licence for the Neve Agency Bundle on 1 of your websites. For more info see this thread...

Winner 47: Thanks again to @BlakenFist this time you will win a Google Drive Unlimited Storage Account. For more info see...

Winner 48: More from @Rockyp this one is a Google data extractor 1 year license. 1 PC only without API works all over the world.

Winner 49: Another thanks to @Rockyp this time it is a whats app business-sender 1 year license V.8. 1 PC only

Winner 50: Thanks to @whitebee
you can win some Instagram video editing, they will add cool title and subtitle to instagram story/post similar to these videos: Instagram video or this video. They'll give 5 edited videos for 1 winner.

Winners 51 - 60: Thanks to @Rockyp they will install and activate a genuine licence for the Neve Agency Bundle on 1 of your websites which will be valid until November 30th, 2021.

Winner 61: Thanks to @GodDevil who will install a genuine licensed Genesis Framework and the winner's choice of Studiopress theme (from studiopress.com) on the winners Wordpress site.

Winner 62: Also thanks to @GodDevil who will install Wp-Rocket plugin with license for 5 years on the winner's Wordpress site.

Winner 63: Again thanks to @GodDevil who will install either a Neve or Hestia or Zelle Pro theme on the winner's Wordpress site and activate lifetime license.

Winner 64: Yet another one from @GodDevil who will install SEOPress Pro plugin on the winner's Wordpress site and activate lifetime license.

Winners 65 - 67: Thanks to @sweetedschoy01 you will receive a slot on a 3 Year Canva Edu Team Account. For more info see his thread...

Winners 68 & 69: Thanks to @haksxsx you will win his Email Scraping service. See here for more info...

Winner 70: Also thanks to @haksxsx you will win his Targeted Web Traffic Over. See here for info...

Winners 71 -73: Thanks to @vishnu_singh7 who will install and activate a Genuine DIVI Licence on 1 of your websites.

Winners 74 - 76: Thanks to @slvrsteele you will win an invite to IPTorrents an awesome private torrent tracker site.

How it works...

1) The Competition will be open until 6pm GMT on January 31st.
2) For each prize I will use a Random Number Picker to choose a number and if that number corresponds to your post number you will win that prize.
3) Each Member can only win 1 prize. If a previous winner is drawn then another number will be chosen.

The only posts allowed on this thread will be your 1 time entry post, everything else will be deleted.

If you'd like to contribute a prize to add to the competition please PM me.
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Sep 18, 2019
I have discovered Babiato year and a half ago while searching for a certain plugin, not going to mention the name of the plugin. At first I was amazed how much resources are available for free here, and there was no VIP section.. so I thought there is something fishy here!
But with the time I have seen that @Babak and the team are good and honest people. Which led me into buying the plugin (as here we had older version) which first brought me to here and shared it with the community.
And with the time I have met some Great people, who I never been thinking I can meet in a place like this... and this is what makes the difference with any other similar community in the internet!!! - here we have some good vibes from the forum staff, they are not money bots with no heart but actually caring for the community in a way which except some fun, we also have the chance to help and educate one another. And of course there are a lot of precious and generous people here who appreciate the place and are giving their best to contribute, not only to leech. This is my reason to be here everyday.

Please do not count this post as a giveaway entry, I am not participating in it.
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Dec 22, 2020
My sweet nest
For me, I discovered Babiato when I was searching for certain theme for blogger. I was in a very tight spot so can't fork anymore money for it. Luckily I found it in Babiato 😉

Can't thank you enough for providing such amazing resources here! Babak and the mods here are very friendly and reachable, nice to chat with and very helpful (kudos to @medw1311!).

The members here are awesome as well! (Specially mention @mader for his great help! 😉)

It's very comfortable and I think I could stay very long time in this forum 🙏


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Oct 11, 2020
Hold My Beer
Please bear with me guys. English is not my mother-tongue. :)
Just wanted to share my Journey to discovering this awesome and wonderful forum/community.

I guess that time, I was searching for something, I just don't recall, theme/plugins all about buddyboss. Yeah, of course, google is the go-to search engine. I'm just looking for some items, ya know, I'm not that rich guy to afford all of these items and the worst part is the renewal. :cool:

Ya know, your browser opens like hundreds of tabs just to find that items and test it but nothing seems to work until I stumbled to this amazing forum. At first, I was like 'Okay, download this item then test it.' and guess what, it works. (y)

Since then, this forum is like my 2nd home. I'm in-love lol haha. Honestly, I learn more here than in my school lol haha.

So that's my short story guys. I'm not sharing this cause of the reward. Discovering babiato is like discovering a gold mine lol. It is more than enough for me, yeah. (y)

So thank you very much Babak and all the mods for this awesome forum and always stay humble guys. :love:

A special thanks to this guy for sharing his precious item/s. BuddyBoss theme and plugins. @TassieNZ Thank you so much.
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Dec 21, 2020
In November 2020 I lost my job due to a motorcycle accident, after that, I decided to open up an online business. The heart of the online business is a website but due to lack of budget, I need to create one on my own though I'm in the medical field that's why learning coding for me is really hard. Months have passed I discovered websites offering nulled script which I think will help me build faster since it will take slight edit but these sites were fake nulled scripts their instructions is in WhatsApp so I think there's is a fee. But I only looking for free since I'm tough on a budget then luckily babiato appears in my searches I read on the page in the introduction that this is the legit nulled script. So after I browse the site to see if it is legit I create my account and after seeing that this site contains all the things I needed to create the website for free, it's hallelujah for me. I'm really thankful and grateful for the creator of this site and all the contributors specially sir Babak who provide all I needed in WordPress. Since then every day am browsing this site and I can't believe that there's no single day I didn't download from this site. With the current state of babiato i am really happy and satisfied and every day I'm thinking of a way to contribute but everything is here so I hope someday. :)


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Oct 13, 2020
Hello guys,

Everyone says 2020 is worst year but i will say 2020 give me a huge opportunity to find this great website babiato. when i joined here i totally amazed because whatever i need, everything i got it. I really want to thank Babak and all the moderator, who doing this great work. It's hard to upload every nulled of the themes and plugins. whenever i login and come to this website every minute Babak and moderators uploading some plugins/themes etc... i wonder how they are doing this work. They are kingmakers :cool:

So, This is my story which i went through Babiato.
Once again my heartful Thanks to Babak and all Moderators. Love you Babiato FAM:love:


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Oct 17, 2020
I found this forum on a facebook group and joined here. I develop websites and this forum is like storehouse of my development work. Thanks for this community.
and count me in for the giveaway
long live babiato


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Oct 3, 2020
i found this forum when i try to help my friend build school website, during pandemic, no one come to school for register, so he talk to me and i sugest him to build a website, and i search on google for smartschool, and i found this website. you guys help me and my friend thx babiato staff and moderator, and trusted uploader hope all files always clean, i never found forum that share clean file, all injected with some scripts. And i will try to contribute to babiato forum.


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Nov 16, 2019
I like to be on this forum because everyone is like one big family.
If you need help, you will get it. Some times it takes some time but you will always get help with your problem.
Members here like to share and not just make money from other people.
Yes families do argue and sometimes it happens here too but we don't stay cross with each other.

Here are members from all over the world. ( India, Iran, Us, Uk, SA, Nigeria, and many more countries)
Old and young.
Everyone gets along and there are no politics here or no race or anything like that.

The world can come and learn from here how to get along and how to work together. Everyone can live in peace and learn to share.

Downloads are safe and virus free.

Thanks for a great site and for all the great and friendly members here and also the free stuff.

There is no other site like this.


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Feb 23, 2020
the contest is interesting :) :) :) ... I'll try it, too ... I serve in the army where I can not say but here they shoot ... to morally get away from this and distract myself, I do a little bit of my favorite hobie is a computer ... In my spare time, I started working on WordPress and was looking for Elementor ... and here in the search results came across an incomprehensible and strange site babiato ... after regestration, as it was not udevitelno, I downloaded Elementor and it worked fine ... I began to read more carefully to understand the site ... filed prosivane a couple of times and see yourself human attitude koga love help otklikaetsya on requezt ... And now I'm here ... I'm not going anywhere 😉😉🙃


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Jul 19, 2019
Ottoman Empire
First of my words i just big thanks to all mod.s especially @medw1311 cause you are working like full-time worker tirelessly and persistently. And you are leading of good things.

And i just write spontaneously with heartfelt without any thought reward any prize.

When i try to creating website i started with SMF (old guys knows Simple Machine Forum) and that time forums are really popular and after few years forum pages really hit on search engines. So i really felt a king when i have a big forum (thousands of members) that times but forum pages, members are so losed their values eventually.

And i just closed that forum and i dropped these stuff and bored "registering" any website and talking, sharing something with each others.

I just acting like fucking leechers when i need something i just downloaded and closed. That's it.

But sometimes i visited some persian websites or persian names which i downloaded files and i just followed them. Because if i could find the "ROOT SOURCE" i can download without any restrict i thought.

So i found BABIATO and i realized that @Babak is the ROOT. @Babak is the spirit of GOODS.
I just scan rapidly forum and i got that the not like simple website. It's really like platform which sharing, caring, mentioning, thinking, asking, arguing, buying, selling, loving, making, collaborating, and other values belong the HUMAN.

So i decided to register after 15 years later a forum website and i really feeling like 15 years ago when i visit this page and makes me really happy...

So thanks to firstly @Babak
Thanks to @TassieNZ
Thanks to @medw1311
Thanks to @Jackboys
Thanks to @Hexor
Thanks to @mader
Thanks to @Webstod
Thanks to @NullMaster
Thanks to @CyberDeviL
Thanks to @tuton012
Thanks to @boYg
Thanks to @White Devil
Thanks to @GARAYEV
Thanks to @Sara7

And other great guys who escaped of my mind!


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May 27, 2019
first of all i would like to thank everyone, exceptionally the babiato team members. i feel that this is no longer an internet forum but a family and i hope it will always prosper.

i met babiato in a search for some plugins on the internet. i am a web designer and developer and i really needed to test my projects before delivering a proposal and even the project.
finding this forum made me close a lot of deals and made me stop spending a lot of dollars (whenever something works out i buy the license because i believe it is fair!) not to mention the knowledge i acquired with my tests and also with the community.

as i always said, count on me what you need and i will always be available for you and thank you for these almost 2 years of many opportunities, knowledge and more.
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Mar 30, 2019
Goli Mars
My Babiato Journey.

This was the day (March 2019) when I didn't really know what null items (themes, plugins) meant. I knew the term software crack (it doesn't make sense) but in general, when we type the crack theme at the time, Google was showing few websites to download the theme or plugin for WordPress.
One day I was searching (as I like to search the internet) I found null-24.Com and found a lot of plugins but surprisingly I don't even know about WordPress. I know Blogger Blogspot as if I didn't know the website, the theme. All I know is that blogger Blogspot. But the interesting thing starts when I try to download from null-24.com, and the download link is given to Babiato and I didn't like signing up in those days. But then I created a new email account and used it for Babiato. The reason to chose the new email was that I feared it would be illegal. The day went by and I downloaded the theme, and the theme I downloaded was Impreza (I think).
I didn't know how to use the forum at the moment and I didn't even know that Babiato is a forum. I was just wondering if this is the kind of site that requires a login :)
But you know things don't stay the same, I learned about WordPress and started using it and started building a site using pre-made themes and plugins by importing demos. I learned a lot but one thing that bothered me was what theme Babiato was using to create such a forum, and finally, I found out that this is not a theme and this is a forum :)
During that time I was a lecher, I didn't cooperate because I was unable to participate. Now, I am contributing to Babiato what I can do.

Wait, the talk has just started, I've learned about the Xenforo forum and I've installed it and knew more about it. I am now able to install it on any hosting platform (I haven't tried it on VPS yet).

Maybe, you're thinking that maybe things stopped. No, I have learned a lot since then and now I am a website developer (not much experience but I know PHP, HTML, CSS, Larval (not more experienced but intermediate level). )۔
Then I started freelancing and made some money from Fiverr. But as I get older, I've learned a few more languages (C ++, DART, Java) and I've learned mobile app development. Then I learned reverse engineering for mobile apps and now I'm at least comfortable with WhatsApp modes.

What do I know at the moment?
C ++
Dart (slightly flutter)
PHP (Small CodeIgniter 3, Intermediate Laravel)
Python (a bit with Django)
Google Ad Manager (Expert)
Adobe XD
Adobe Premiere
And it all starts with downloading the theme from Babiato and starting the day.

What am I doing now
Learning e-commerce business
Learning drop shipping
Learning Facebook Ads
For a few months, I have been constantly providing WhatsApp mode (Without any Virus) similar to GB WhatsApp (as many GB WhatsApp mods (Alex, Sam, Fouad), show infected when you go through VirusTotal.com).

Thanks to @Babak
Thanks to @TassieNZ
Thanks to @medw1311
Thanks to @NullMaster
Thanks to @CyberDeviL
Thanks to @andykim
Thanks to @ELLIO7
Thanks to @starliner

Specially Thanks for giveaway @medw1311
Thanks for giveaway @TassieNZ
Thanks for giveaway @Azrael
Thanks for giveaway @Webstod
Thanks for giveaway @Hexor
Thanks for giveaway @GodDevil
Thanks for giveaway @mader
and thanks to all other giveaway participants.

And thanks to the whole Babiato family
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Apr 27, 2020
I'm falling in love with this wonderful Forum, it's growing fast every time, and it's totally different from other forums I've seen before. I joined this forum in Apr 27, 2020, well it's not a long time unfortunately, I wished I knew this forum before. It helped me and still helping me with my businesses by using the free resources uploaded here and updated on time!! I tried to add something to the community by helping people who have technical problems, it's not a big deal, but of course I will do more for this community. I have also many recommendation to make this forum more better (ex: creating a section for methods money).

Anyway, that was my small introduction. thanks for this giveaway ;)

Wish you all the best. let's make it 200k by the end of 2021!


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Dec 23, 2020
Hello Friends,
I have been here for couple of months only .I was working in company but due to lockdown , i lost my job .. I was searching how to earn money from internet , I learned about Blogging , run youtube channel. but i had no money to start my blog( paid domain and hosting) / youtube channel ( paid beautiful templates) . For more search and search , i found this forum where many of many people ready to help you .. Many people already helped me .. Great place for genuine resource provider forum. Whenever , i need for any resource(Theme, Plugin, Photos , Videos, technical help ) , i prefer to come here except GOOGLE ... Honestly , I want to grow more to help BABIATO community.

P.S. :- Every words written above with core part of heart ..


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Jun 2, 2020
hi All,

I was just searching on google and I found this Gem babiato is a really good website and I refer it to my all friends. usually, I found whatever I need for my daily work. really good and happy to serve admins who deal with you politely.
Keep it up Babiato May Get more by the Grace of Allah.

Bang Combat

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Jul 2, 2018
Pandora Planet
here I will tell you a little about the BABIATO FORUM
here I do not expect more from the giveaway but I just tell the story straight from my heart

I found this babiato forum from an internet explorer, where I was looking for material for my website, but never found it, one day I was browsing through this forum in 2018, where I think there are still few members and admin @Babak works alone uploads every minute I remember that, I am grateful for the existence of this forum, thanks to this forum I can learn a lot, add friends and friends even though they are of different languages and countries, the services of this forum are very great.
thank you BABIATO TEAM thanks to this forum I can develop and practice my skills.
Warm greetings and always success to @Babak and the other babiato teams
my best regards


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Aug 12, 2019
Firstly, I would like to thank everyone on the Babiato forum and secondly, I apologize for my "English", it is not my native language.

I found the forum when I was looking for themes for my blog in mid-August 2019. It was through Google. When I signed up I soon found what I wanted and not only that, I found much more. In addition to plugins, themes, files, I found people with a good heart and willing to help. Since then I try to help as much as I can and it has been a small addiction, since I look at the forum every day. Much gratitude to the administrators and collaborators of this forum. My only suggestion would be to have an invitation system to enter Babiato, in order to try to control the entry of spammers.


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Aug 17, 2020
It's a privilege and a great feeling to be part of this wonderful community that is filled with awesome individuals that have a caring heart looking out for fellow members even without knowing them what a forum!!. It all began last year before the virus struck, I quit my job to follow my passion and dream of being an entrepreneur and adding value to people lives with my God given potentials and I met a friend who told me about babiato that he met with some great people that helped him I was shocked that I was always on the internet but never found such a forum, so I registered and have never looked back. I have benefited tremendously like getting plugins & courses for free, got an invite to iptv, got massive giveaways, learning a lot from members of the community, payed for some courses and tools at a lower cost and lots more... I used to get email notifications when I have an activity on babiato but it I don't receive them again that can be improved upon and I keep seeing users that are banned from the forum, why not setup a system that does not allow banned users access also initiate an invite system to improve the credibility of the forum.

Thanks to @Babak and all the mods for your contributions
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