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Hey, For those of you are "Babiato Lovers" you can now donate to help us grow and improve Babiato and keep it free!

Babiato was started in 2019 and now we have more than 200k members and still increasing every day. The purpose of this forum is to help the people who are webmasters, developers, small businesses, the startup can start their projects with FREE resources like Wordpress themes + plugins, Magento themes, and PHP tools script, Free pictures + Videos,…

You can easy to start an online business with the FREE resources here. The forum also has great MODERATORs, who manage the topic & resources + help the member with their problems, and scams, and update new resources + their newest versions.

In the future, we want to update new features and more PREMIUM resources for Babiato to keep our community expanded. That’s why we open this donation campaign. Offsetting the cost with donations is a great way to provide continued quality services and better experiences for Babiato Members.

Payments are processed securely by Stripe. We do not process or store your payment details.

The minimum donation is $5. As a sign of your support you will be rewarded with a Babiato Lover badge within about 1 hour of you making your donation.

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