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Jan 8, 2020
Hi Everyone! 😁
Let's begin this little giveaway until I have premium, few weeks left.

Simple rules:
  1. Approx. 10 members daily will get their request done.
  2. Up to 3 links per 1 request.

You can do the second request on the same day but have to be made between 23:00-00:00. You're allowed to have as many links as you need in MIDNIGHT BONUS. Only remember that Flaticon limits are up to 30-40 downloads a day for me and already done requests by other Members could affect your second request.
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  • 3368006-web-design.zip
    2.3 MB · Views: 94
  • 1072968-graphic-design.zip
    861.1 KB · Views: 72
  • 284257-web-design-and-development.zip
    4 MB · Views: 93
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There is a kind of limit with Premium, not sure but probably about x40 downloads a day. If there not will be that many requests a day I can generate more links for each member which requested 3 links already.

New rule:
Requests send between 23:00-00:00 are allowed to have up to 5 links.
Giveaway resets at midnight every day but 1h before every member can request one time more if done any request and if we didn't reach the daily limit that day already.
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Hello Supratec,
Thank you VERY much for this giveavay ;) !
May I request those icon pack , please ?

@cooljojo enjoy ;)

8 more request available today.


  • 2617987-success.zip
    2.5 MB · Views: 90
  • 2522744-finance.zip
    1.6 MB · Views: 76
  • 1962491-insurance.zip
    2.9 MB · Views: 86
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Thank you !
I'm building a website and I needed those icons, so you really helped me :) .
If I eventually need more icons, I'll ask a few ones more if it doesn't bother (y)
Thanks for this giveaway.
Is it possible to get the following.

Thanks in advance :)

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It's after 23pm so as you said, I will give a try with another request with 5 links. Hope I'm not too late :LOL:

@Supratec, you're unstoppable 😳!

Not only did you fulfill my request, but you also offered me a bonus just like that ! You deserve some kind of rewards for your generosity 🤝.
Thank you very much for your gesture, I'd make a good use of those icons ;).
I believe I will need a few cryptocurrency icons now, but that will be the subject of another request(y).
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@cooljojo thanks for nice words ☺

Flaticon does limit up to 30-40 downloads a day for premium. End of the day, after 23:00 any request made here can contain as many links as you need, but remember of limits on flaticon and already used requests by other Members that day ;)
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I don't understand, this is a fantastic giveaway and an unique opportunity to have quality icons, but I'm surprised that there're not so many request here :unsure:...
I'm starting to feel a bit embarassed 😣 but if no one else placed their request, here is mine !
( @Supratec, do not hesitate to cut half the list below if the limit is reached by the time you read this message )

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