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Feb 8, 2019



  • Complete core rewrite:
    • New MVC script framework.
    • Separation of business logic (PHP) and views.
    • Custom page url routing.
    • Friendly urls throughout main site and admin area.
    • Twig templating engine - True separation of PHP logic and views.
    • Javascript translations moved to external JS file rather than embedded in the page source.
    • Application cache for increased performance - Routing Cache & Twig Template Cache.
    • New MVC structure for both plugins and themes.
    • Controllers and templates and be overridden at plugin and theme level.
    • Added support for transparent pngs on avatars.
    • Friendlier urls on direct file links. (removal of .php/.html)
    • Moved towards object based data updates (ORM).
    • Theme template inheritance. Override views at template or plugin level.
    • Admin test tools.
  • Flow & blue_v2 themes replaced with the new Spirit theme using Bootstrap 4.
  • Document Viewer plugin replaced with the File Previewer plugin.
  • File manager refresh, including updates to the uploader.
    • Support for uploading additional files without reloading the browser.
    • Non-account upload replaced with "Trial accounts".
  • Backblaze cloud file storage support.
  • Social login plugin upgrade, including refreshing guidance.
  • Improved Sharing Functionality:
    • Share files aswell as folders now.
    • Select multiple files/folders to share at once, rather than folder only level.
    • Admin manage sharing pages.
    • Globally shared folders - admin can set folders to be accessed by all accounts.
    • Moved shared folders/files into dedicated left navigation item.
    • Email notification added on internal sharing.
  • More advert spots added to the front-end, easily set via the admin site settings.
  • Added option to set keywords and description on files.
    • Keywords displayed on file details view, linked to search.
    • Search feature now includes keywords and description.
  • Fix to adblock detection script.
  • Improvements to drop & drop uploads directly into file manager without loading the uploader popup.
  • Site setting option to use local sessions rather than database based sessions.
  • Site settings to control min/max length of account usernames.
  • Site setting to enable download tokens to be limited by IP address.
  • Changes to file details page, now full page and larger preview.
  • Added sharing page and trash page links on mobile view.
  • Enabled 'enter' key submission on add/edit file/folder popups.
  • Minor fix to avoid reloading page if upload completes when viewing file details.
  • Minor fix to script update notification checker.
It would be great if someone on the forum still had support and could provide us with download link?
hi dude.
please send v5
the final release.
not the beta one
i have beta.i need final v5
i have a v5.
not the beta,final release.
i installed it.it doesn't work properly.
it has problem with admin page and all sub pages
and doesn't contain all plugins
i have a v5.
not the beta,final release.
i installed it.it doesn't work properly.
it has problem with admin page and all sub pages
and doesn't contain all plugins

4 minutes ago you were requesting it and now you have it. Did you buy it?
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If I could get v5.0.0 Final atleast it's already a month from the release... I won't be greedy for the latest v5.0.2. I'd be grateful for original v5.0.0 Final. :)
great work, waiting for v 5.0.2 for my new upcoming project.


Waiting for you to read the rules really carefully and follow them. Not doing so will end up in removing your privileges to Babiato community
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