WooCommerce Group Coupons

WooCommerce Group Coupons v2.1.0

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Want to offer exclusive, automatic and targeted coupon discounts for your customers? That’s where WooCommerce Group Coupons will help. This extension for WooCommerce uses the free Groups membership plugin and WordPress roles to control the validity of coupons.

New coupon features add the possibility to apply coupons automatically for group members. This allows to have discounts applied for certain customer groups.

It is very convenient to have discounts applied automatically for certain user groups. This covers any cases ranging from applying a promotional discount automatically to any registered user, to granting automatic discounts to specific user groups like distributors, volume clients, etc. It can also be combined with another features provided by this extension to assure that coupons can only be used by certain groups.

This new feature provided by the extension allows to restrict coupons to be used only by group members. This adds the possibility to control who is allowed to use coupons by their group membership.

Coupons can be restricted to one or more groups and this feature can be combined with the automatic application of coupons per group.
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