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Automatically ship orders
from your WooCommerce site to your customers with FBA. Through this extension Amazon will pick, pack, ship, and track orders for you!

Remove the hassle of fulfillment and spend more time creating and selling great products!

This integration is fast and easy to set up and comes with a variety of options ranging from complete auto-pilot all the way down to specific product shipping options if desired.

Compatible with ALL Amazon Regions Worldwide
Whether you’re selling domestically or internationally this extension will connect to any single Region and Marketplace in Amazon.
For stores connected to the EU Region it will even automatically switch Marketplace IDs for you behind the scenes based on each customer’s shipping address!

This extension is flexible and can handle a wide range of shipping scenarios, but its main purpose is to automate order fulfillment through FBA. This core objective drives how and when the extension is triggered to send an order’s data to Amazon. You would normally never ship a product before receiving valid payment, and this plugin works the same way.

WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment only sends orders to FBA automatically after it detects the WooCommerce payment complete event. It has been tested with Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Amazon Payments, but it should work with any other payment method that is properly built for WooCommerce which triggers the payment complete action.

Therefore, all other typical WooCommerce settings like payment gateways and shipping methods should be configured and working properly before integrating with FBA. Also, the value of each product SKU in WooCommerce must perfectly match the Seller SKU field in FBA in order for Amazon to process, pack, and ship the order. Every time the payment complete condition for an order is detected, WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment will send the order, customer, and product information to FBA as an outbound fulfillment order for the products in the cart which are set to fulfill through Amazon. If there are any errors, the plugin will send you an email notification and will record an order note with a detailed record of the order data and the error.
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