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This plugin is fun to use and is super easy for Wordpress site owners to set up!

As you know, Memes are trending a lot these days, actually they are the hottest trend right now. If you take a look around you, on your twitter account or facebook newsfeed, you will see that memes are everywhere!

Imagine that a meme is what comes to mind when you wish to make someone laugh or be funny, sarcastic or humorous.

With this plugin, you can turn your WordPress site into an entertaining blog featuring user-generated content.

The advantage of uploading user-generated content is that you can pull a lot of website traffic and increase your profit.

Users can upload custom photos, download the meme or memes they have created and can also share them.
The plugin is equipped with all the features common to other meme generator websites.

Import meme templates in just a flash! Using the AA Backup Manager that comes bundled with the Meme Generator, you can import a large number of meme templates.
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