TerraGenesis - Space Colony + МOD (Money/Unlock planets) Free For Android

TerraGenesis - Space Colony + МOD (Money/Unlock planets) Free For Android 4.9.40

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TerraGenesis - Space Colony - a cool simulator of human development of new planets. The developers, while working, relied on real scientific facts and research, which in total made the game not only entertaining entertainment, but also an opportunity to simulate one of the possible scenarios of the distant future. Start with your own solar system and go beyond its borders in search of worlds suitable for quick and successful terraforming.

- Join one of four interstellar fractions, each of which provides different advantages for colonization
- Colonize the real planets from our solar system, including Mars, Venus, Mercury and even Earth!
- Build colonies on fictional planets, including Bacchus, Ragnarok, Pont, Lete and Boreas
- Terraphoric dwarfs-dwarfs, including Ceres, Pluto, Charon, Makemake, Eris and Sedna
- Melt ice caps to create the oceans of the entire planet and populate the planet with life
- Create your own functioning ecosystem with interacting, customizable organisms.
- Manage life forms as they thrive in both terrestrial and aquatic biospheres
- Generate random worlds with complete surface and height maps, unique launch conditions and more

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