Rally Racer Dirt + (much money) Free For Android

Rally Racer Dirt + (much money) Free For Android 1.5.9

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Rally Racer Dirt - Colorful races single three-dimensional rally. Super races where we need to plow the roads, pull the handbrake, win and drift. The toy is well-made and the first thing that throws in my eyes is a friendly control. Unlike other simulators, control here by tapas is performed on the edge of the screen, and there are brake pedal and handbrake on both sides, it is more convenient to brake when cornering. There are several modes in the toy: on the first one, we need to have time to get to the control point by the end time, on the second one - to drive through the whole circle. Salvage drift is earned, and you can spend it on buying fresh cars.

* Multi-user mode in real time
* 12 different rally cars,
* Customizable cars with adjustable suspension, anti-roll bar, ground clearance and gear ratios.
* Modernized cars and drive properties.
* 5 different tuned and enjoyable tracks,
* Caterpillars have several tarmac surfaces, asphalt, gravel, grass grip, drifting and vehicle physics.
* Carefully tuned car physics and controls.
* 3 main game modes: test mode, survival mode and multiplayer real-time mode.

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