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DESERTOPIA + МOD (Free Shopping) Free For Android 2.2.4

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Desertopia allows players to create new forms of life on a simulated uninhabited island. The player is faced with the task of settling a barren, deserted island and helping various species to flourish. Taking care of the island is not an easy task - there is nothing permanent here. Your favorite animals may die out, but the decline of one species can lead to the prosperity of another. Unlike most simulators and control games, the items you create in Desertopia can grow or disappear. Random events in abundance can also present opportunities and increase the risk factor of the game, ensuring that no two players have the same gaming experience.

- Feel relaxed in the world of picture books.
- Special game mechanism: everything is constantly changing, nothing lives long in this game.
- Dynamic background music mixing technique
- Up to 75 species of creatures and 18 types of relief for research.
- Several random events and options affect the development of the island.

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