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Bimber - Viral Magazine WordPress Theme By BringThePixel

Bimber - Viral Magazine WordPress Theme By BringThePixel v9.2.5

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Download Free Bimber - Viral Magazine WordPress Theme Nulled ThemeForest 14493994
Bimber is a viral magazine theme, that lets you launch a fully functional viral site in no more than 24 hours. It comes with powerful sharing buttons; popular, hot, trending listings and multiple ad locations. Everything in a lightweight and easy-to-use package. Just start today and go viral today!

Viral Content Optimization

  • Create listicles with images, gifs, self-hosted videos and embeds
  • Popular, hot and trending lists
  • Fancy badges for popular, hot, and trending posts
  • Paginated posts with big, bold navigation
  • Share count visibility threshold – no more “0 shares” messages
  • View count visibility threshold – no more “1 view” messages
  • Comment count visibility threshold – no more “0 comments” messages
  • NSFW posts (Not Safe For Work)
  • Maximize Time on Page with “You may also like”, “More from category” and “Don’t miss” sections
Social Media Profits
Social media, when used correctly, gives you more money-making opportunities than you might realize. Build up enough trust with your followers and they will be more inclined to check out your recommendations. Start using social media platforms with:

  • Big social share buttons with clear call to action
  • Big players first
  • Sticky sharebar
  • Image sharing
  • Social Comments Integration (Facebook, Disqus)
  • Fake counters for viral newbies
Possible Locations:
  • Share buttons before post content
  • Share buttons after post content
  • Micro shares on images
  • Site’s social links in the header
  • Site’s social links inside sidebars with sticky option
  • Site’s social links in footer
  • Social comments (Facebook and Disqus) after post content
Social Widgets:
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
Fake Counters:
  • Fake shares
  • Fake page views
  • Fake votes
  • Fake reactions
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Latest reviews

When you create a new post or a new test, it appears only in the top bar and does not appear on the home page How do I make it appear on the home page?
I love this theme, it's one of my favorite viral theme
Just love this theme. And working fine. But how to update this to the latest version?
just copy paste new version on old version via ftp or cpanel / i suggest cpanel
Amazing ! Thanks
excelent but how i can activator ?
this theme is nulled just install plugins and demos
Thank you for the theme but pls I can't upload it to my website can you help pls with witch file I need to upload?
I'm loving this site, it's amazing. ♥ I just hope someone updates the Bimber, I really want to test it. ♥
Thank you so much man!
Hi @babak please update to news version , that was updated yesterday.

Thank you so mucah @babak
updated, enjoy