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Why is affiliateWP so expensive?


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Jan 18, 2019
Im considering getting the life-time version before it got removed at the end of the month

Compares to other affiliate plugin, Affiliatewp is the most expensive one, it doesnt have any ui design on account page, their addons are expensive as hell
for example, ultimate affiliate pro has all the features, good looking front-end page and a nett $69 on codecanyon
my question is, why is affiliateWP so expensive?
When things usually work they are relatively expensive.
Yes many people told me the same thing, but whats the real difference? both ultimate affiliate pro and affiliatewp work too, so is yith affiliate plugin etc

I used to have affiliate Wp
but as u said is so expansive
so i tried
ultimate affiliate pro
link : https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-affiliate-pro-wordpress-plugin/16527729

-more cheaper
-1time payout
-all in one extensions no need for add-ons like affiliate wp
and more
yes thats what i thought, i tried ultimate affiliate pro too, both works just fine, but i need to get the real license and stop using the null one, but i just dont know what makes affiliatewp better than the rest
Still looking for answer for this, this is what i got from affiliatewp developer, but other plugin also provide the same thing, still no clear answer:
I cannot accurately comment on a plugin not created by us, however here are some of the reasons we believe that AffiliateWP is a smart choice for affiliate tracking:

Reliable affiliate tracking

AffiliateWP was designed to work on servers with highly aggressive caching, the free and paid affiliate solutions that we have used do not. We've experienced this first-hand which is why we set out to build a better affiliate plugin that actually worked. If affiliate links do not work as expected, affiliates will quickly lose trust in your business.


Everything that a standard affiliate solution should have is possible right out of the box. All our integrations for example are built right into AffiliateWP. You'll find that with other affiliate solutions, you may have to purchase the integrations and some of the features separately. The total amount you end up paying for another solution that meets your expectations can quickly increase and sometimes works out to be even more expensive.


AffiliateWP was designed from the beginning to be highly extensible. There are many "hooks" available throughout the plugin which allow a developer to make external modifications to enhance the functionality of AffiliateWP, without ever touching the core plugin itself. If the core plugin was ever modified, those changes would be lost when the plugin is updated.


We have a growing collection of both free and pro add-ons which enhance the functionality of AffiliateWP. With a single purchase of the Ultimate license we grant access to all our pro add-ons, including any we release in the future. This makes holding an Ultimate license extremely valuable. Other affiliate solutions will offer add-ons, but these may be priced individually.

Dedicated support

We have a dedicated support team to answer any support questions you might have. We're also all experienced plugin developers and can assist with any in-depth technical issues that may arise, whether caused from our plugin or not. In addition to answering support questions we actively take our customers feedback and suggestions on board and will happily add new functionality into the plugin if we think it's a good idea. It's of course in our best interest to make our customers happy!

Continuous development/fast release cycles

We are continuously making AffiliateWP better. You can see from our changelog that we release updates often. If there's an urgent bug we are able to fix it in a timely manner.

User interface

AffiliateWP looks and feels like it's part of WordPress, so it is aesthetically pleasing and super easy to work with.

I'd recommend looking at the documentation for your specific integration as well as our free and pro add-ons. Then, you can compare the functionality that AffiliateWP provides with that provided by Ultimate Affiliate Pro. The best affiliate solution for you will be the one that provides the features that meet your specific requirements.

We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try it live to make sure AffiliateWP fits your needs and expectations. If not, you can receive a full refund within the 30 days after purchase. Either way, thanks for your interest in AffiliateWP.

Hope this helps!
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I would say it's their integration capabilities. I used to make usage with Zapier and Tickera, it worked beautifully. The support was very fast and professional too.
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