Where can I get anonymous website hosting that can't be traced back to me?


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Aug 12, 2020
Well, There's an uprise of Civilians house pets developing Nasal Cancer, Feline and K9 alike.

Something is going on... And the Gov is staying quiet about it. Or, it's Corona virus victims scat traveling through the Sewer and our pets having heightened senses of smell and picking it up. Or it's 5g, or it's being sprayed on us daily.
We know of 40 people personally that their Dog or Cat has gotten Nasal Cancer. I wasn't able to get my Riley pure cbd in time!

Regardless, I'm going to print out thousands of fliers talking about this issue. And point these fliers to a site.

I would like to get website hosting on an anonymous server. Is there a service I can host a Wordpress site similar to how we use T0r?
I don't want the blowback coming back on me and my family. It needs to be.

I'm never going to recover from losing my Riley, I thought he had more time... He was showing himself to be tough hanging in there for that long... I love him so much, and it's apart of my life's mission (not purpose), to make sure people keep their Animal family members.
I don't want anyone going through what I'm going through and thinking about dying, I'm not normal, this is how I'm able to maintain.
I'm hardbody and mentally tough as I was setup from the get go in life to go through travesty (My father shaking me and screaming in my ear to shut the fu** up @5 months old, and developing ADHD since then instead of retardation like my brother has to endure.



That's me and my boo! PIcs taken from Mis Summer. No person, no animal will ever take his place. Unfortunately, and fortunately, I went through life being an athiest, the moment he passed I became bequeffed with the absolute knowing of there being a God, that it would be mathematically impossible I never see him again.

If you respond and reply, thanks in advance!
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Dec 27, 2020
well posting a photo of urself and explaining in detail what ur planning on doing probably isnt the best start to being anonymous lol, but njal.la or offshorededi.com and pay with BTC and ull be fine


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Jun 22, 2019
Not with the depth of what I go into. This site is Indexed on google and my username is findable. This is a given. Not with the things I allege.

You need to buy WHOIS Privacy with the hosting for domain from your domain provider and your all personal details will not be shown anywhere on Internet.

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