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May 12, 2019
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Tracker NameTorrentLeech
Tracker URL
Tracker SignupInvite Only
Tracker TypeRatio Based
Seed DifficultyMedium
Tracker Description

- TorrentLeech is a 0day general tracker for animations, apps, books, education, foreign content, games, movies, music and TV.

- Tracker is generally set to invite only - they do hold the occasional open signup.

- While pretimes are good, this is a hard ratio to build a ratio on even with a seedbox. You should jump on the fresh and new uploads before downloading anything you truly want. After downloading 6gb members are expected to maintain a ratio of 0.4, if you fall below this ratio requirement a warning will be applied to your account with six days to fix it. Any warnings will be removed after the six day period and if you have increased your ratio.

- TL has an active HnR policy in place. You are to seed torrents to a 0.4 ratio or for 60 hours, HnR comes with warnings and disabling of your account if you are consistently breaking this rule.

- A cool feature to the tracker is TV Schedule and the recent addition of a bonus points system. You will receive 1 point for every hour you are seeding with a limit of 1000 active torrents - this only applies to torrents 10mb+. You will earn more points for:

- Torrents over 1 GB and up to 2 GB will be granted a 10% bonus.
- Torrents over 2 GB and up to 5 GB will be granted a 15% bonus.
- Torrents over 5 GB and up to 10 GB will be granted a 20% bonus.
- Torrents over 10 GB will be granted a 30% bonus.
- Finally, rare torrents which have up to 5 seeders will be granted 10% bonus on top!


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