(Temp Closed) Get $100 LinkedIn Ads Voucher in exchange for a review


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May 7, 2022
My review: First off, his communication when I contacted him was great.

2. He sent me all the instructions and how to proceed with the reviews. I chose the one I could and I did it.

3. Right after I finished, he proceeded to send all the coupons over, I think after he also verified my reviews etc.

4. IMPORTANT. To be honest I think this OP deserves the reviews he's trying to get for his new company I think this is only needed for marketing purposes because I didn't just go ahead and review. I decided to test his platform to help inform the number of stars I'd put on each review. Their customer support (which was one thing my review centred more on) was excellent. Top notch, i mean it was fast. Why am I even typing too much it looks almost like I have nothing doing lol.

Verdict: 100 STARS!!! ⭐⭐⭐

I got my LinkedIn coupons and they all work enough to run me some campaigns and earn me some buck.

Good Offerr!!!


Aug 2, 2019
@mader.36542 really did deliver the linkedin coupons as promised.

At first i was like this could be like all those people who promise and don't keep up with it like in many freelancer site, so i just did the task according to his instructions only and was like even if i didnt get what was promised i am even willing to help someone else grow for free if i have the spare time.

If mader was my employer seriously i will be dedicated to work with him and give best of myself to each work i do for him.
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Sep 18, 2019
Hey guys, this offer is temporary closed as I ran out of Linkedin Vouchers. I still got to pay 2 people for their work and this is my top priority right now, as I stick to my promises.

I will announce once the deal is open.