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[Special Giveaway] Domain name

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Feb 28, 2021
A special, unique gift at Babiato.
All members are allowed to request domain from 1-5 years

Start time: 00:00 May 3, 2021 (UTC+7)
End time: 23:59 May 5, 2021

Eligibility Rules:
+ Joined: 30+ days
+ Level: member or higher

Comment: "Babiato forever!" to participate.

Each day there will be X lucky people selected. (X = min(10,round(Number of participants/10)) Ex: 45/10 => X = 5 )
+ Well-known member: 1 domain name for 3 years
+ Active members: 1 domain name for 2 years
+ Member: 1 domain name 1 year

I have adjusted the amount of gifts. 1 new gift for every 10 participants. Maximum 10 gifts / day (up to 100 participants) I expect more than 100 people to join daily. Up top if possible.

Because I will register a lot of domain names with 1 account. Should not be able to send your account.
If you have Aws account, please send me the account, password. I will transfer this domain name to you.
You need to prepare name servers (cloudflare recommended) to manage DNS. Because Aws is not free DNS (https://aws.amazon.com/route53/pricing/)
You will get an EPP code to transfer because I don't want to control your domain. After you transfer successfully, you will be able to manage and renew it if needed.
Time to receive domain names from 2-4 days.

List of supported tld:
com, net, org, com.au, co.uk, io, info, co, de, ca, me, us, eu, ac, academy, accountants, adult, agency, apartments, associates, auction, band, bargains, be, berlin, bike, bingo, biz, black, blue, boutique, builders, business, buzz, cab, cafe, camera, camp, capital, cards, care, careers, cash, casino, catering, cc, center, ceo, ch, chat, cheap, church, city, claims, cleaning, click, clinic, clothing, cloud, club, co.nz, co.za, coach, codes, coffee, college, com.mx, community, company, computer, condos, construction, consulting, contractors, cool, coupons, credit, creditcard, cruises, cz, dance, dating, deals, delivery, democrat, dental, diamonds, digital, direct, directory, discount, dog, dots, education, email, energy, engineering, enterprises, equipment, es, estate, events, exchange, expert, exposed, express, fail, farm, fi, finance, financial, fish, fitness, flights, florist, fm, football, forsale, foundation, fr, fund, furniture, futbol, fyi, gallery, gg, gift, gifts, glass, global, gold, golf, graphics, gratis, green, gripe, guide, guru, haus, healthcare, help, hiv, hockey, holdings, holiday, host, house, im, immo, immobilien, in, industries, ink, institute, insure, international, investments, irish, it, jewelry, jp, kaufen, kim, kitchen, kiwi, land, lease, legal, lgbt, life, lighting, limited, limo, link, live, loan, loans, lol, maison, management, marketing, mba, me.uk, media, memorial, mobi, moda, money, mortgage, movie, mx, name, net.au, net.nz, network, news, ninja, nl, onl, online, org.nz, org.uk, partners, parts, photo, photography, photos, pics, pictures, pink, pizza, place, plumbing, plus, poker, po**, pro, productions, properties, pub, qpon, recipes, red, reise, reisen, rentals, repair, report, republican, restaurant, reviews, rip, rocks, ruhr, run, sale, sarl, school, schule, se, services, se*, se**, sh, shiksha, shoes, show, singles, soccer, social, solar, solutions, studio, style, sucks, supplies, supply, support, surgery, systems, tattoo, tax, taxi, team, technology, tennis, theater, tienda, tips, tires, today, tools, tours, town, toys, trade, training, tv, uk, university, uno, vacations, vc, vegas, ventures, vg, viajes, video, villas, vision, voyage, watch, website, wien, wiki, works, world, wtf, xyz, zone
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Lucky people every day:
The lucky ones will be listed here. Please PM me when you are online.
You provide the following information:
Domain: ...
Name servers:
+ ...
+ ...
+ ...

Deadline to receive gifts: 3 days
The lucky person in the list please contact before the deadline to receive the domain name.

+ @Babak [Admin] babiato.io 10 years (Completed)

Lucky members 05/05/2021:
+ @blow [Well-known member] 3 years
+ @die2mrw007 [Active member] 2 years
+ @damnedgetz [Member] 1 year

Lucky members 04/05/2021:
+ @DemonixXas [Active member] 2 years
+ @krupuk [Active member] 2 years (Completed .com 2 years)
+ @d1srupt3r [Member] 1 year

Lucky members 03/05/2021:
+ @vasiliaskid [Active member] 2 years
+ @archonic [Member] 1 year
+ @daya143 [Active member] 2 years

Lucky* members 02/05/2021:
+ @Deepansh [Well-known member] 1 year (Completed .com 1 year)
+ @Rockyp [Well-known member] 1 year
+ @CYBERGYPSY [Active member] 1 year
+ @Rishabh-killer [Active member] 1 year
+ @Limez [Member] 1 year

Lucky members 30/04/2021:
+ @BlakenFist [Well-known member] 3 years (Completed .io 10 years)
+ @WardenCommander [Member] 1 year (Completed .info 1 years)
+ @s_allgoodman [Member] 1 year (Completed .com 2 years)
+ @MR A [Well-known member] 3 years (Completed .com 3 years)
+ @itspathanofficial [Active member] 2 years (Completed .io 2 years)
+ @CYBERGYPSY [Active member] 2 years (Completed .io 6 years)

Lucky members 29/04/2021:
+ @tegek [Member] 1 year (Completed .com 1 years)
+ @ahezkhan [Active member] 2 years
+ @Mscv50 [Well-known member] 3 years
+ @cornivusTR [Active member] 2 years (Completed .com 2 years)
+ @sumitgohil [Member] 1 year (Completed .net 3 years)

Lucky members 28/04/2021:
+ @xantor [Member] 1 year
+ @rperror [Active member] 2 years (Completed .com 2 years)
+ @sabs_rocks [Active member] 2 years (Completed .com 2 years)
+ @vanehesseo [Member] 1 year
+ @ChintanBhat [Well-known member] 3 years (Completed .io 3 years)

Lucky members 27/04/2021:
+ @Protomaster [Member] 1 year (Completed .com 2 year)
+ @Anonxpro [Active member] 2 years (Completed .io 2 years)
+ @Andikacombat [Active member] 2 years
+ @Vincenzo Cassano [Member] 1 year (Completed .com 1 year)
+ @Rockyp [Well-known member] 3 years (Completed .io 10 years)
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