Privacy and Encryption in Messaging Apps


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Oct 19, 2020
Hello to all community members
I would like to discuss with you an issue that is very close to my heart.

Just recently I was reading the latest news relating to the serious position taken by the European Commission on the subject of privacy. As transpired from the leaked documents of Wired (for info read the article) it seems that: first the EU commission, and then the government of Spain, want to vote on September 28th to definitively ban end-to-end encryption technology for all apps of messaging.

Now, I have nothing to hide in messages with my friends and relatives (the CIA is known to monitor everything without any care for privacy laws). But I imagine the Internet and technology in general as a place full of freedom, not a place where you have to be careful about what you say to avoid having legal problems. Say something wrong today, and you'll pay the bill in 10 years or more, since the archived data is now saved for life.

My question: is there a messaging app for Android/iOS that can actually be unconstrained by centralized servers?
From my research there are several apps from independent developers, but they are based on Google's FireBase, so in this case the problem remains.
Signal? Telegram? Jami? Could P2P technology help? Make a PHP site like a webapp? My curiosity pushes me towards various solutions.

I know it's a complex topic but I'd like to delve deeper with someone more expert than me.

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