I am getting this Error, any help


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Jun 14, 2023
XF\Db\Exception: MySQL query error [1364]: Field 'wrapper_template' doesn't have a default value in src/XF/Db/AbstractStatement.php at line 230
  1. XF\Db\AbstractStatement->getException() in src/XF/Db/Mysqli/Statement.php at line 198
  2. XF\Db\Mysqli\Statement->getException() in src/XF/Db/Mysqli/Statement.php at line 79
  3. XF\Db\Mysqli\Statement->execute() in src/XF/Db/AbstractAdapter.php at line 96
  4. XF\Db\AbstractAdapter->query() in src/XF/Db/AbstractAdapter.php at line 276
  5. XF\Db\AbstractAdapter->insertBulk() in src/addons/CashFree/Setup.php at line 65
  6. CashFree\Setup->installStep2() in src/XF/AddOn/StepRunnerInstallTrait.php at line 62
  7. CashFree\Setup->installStepRunner() in src/XF/AddOn/StepRunnerInstallTrait.php at line 29
  8. CashFree\Setup->install() in src/XF/Admin/Controller/AddOn.php at line 419
  9. XF\Admin\Controller\AddOn->actionInstall() in src/XF/Mvc/Dispatcher.php at line 352
  10. XF\Mvc\Dispatcher->dispatchClass() in src/XF/Mvc/Dispatcher.php at line 259
  11. XF\Mvc\Dispatcher->dispatchFromMatch() in src/XF/Mvc/Dispatcher.php at line 115
  12. XF\Mvc\Dispatcher->dispatchLoop() in src/XF/Mvc/Dispatcher.php at line 57
  13. XF\Mvc\Dispatcher->run() in src/XF/App.php at line 2487
  14. XF\App->run() in src/XF.php at line 524
  15. XF::runApp() in admin.php at line 13

I am using Cashfree Addons for Indian Payment, and the this addons Unmaintanted


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Dec 25, 2020
The error message you've posted indicates a database-related issue, specifically a missing default value for a field named 'wrapper_template' when attempting to perform a MySQL query. This error is occurring while installing the CashFree Addons for Indian Payment in your XF (XenForo) application.

To resolve this issue, you may need to modify the database schema or configuration for the CashFree Addons. Here are some steps you can take:

Check the CashFree Addons Documentation: Consult the documentation or installation instructions provided by the CashFree Addons developers. They might have specific steps or requirements related to the database setup that you need to follow.

Database Schema: Inspect the database schema for the CashFree Addons. Make sure that the 'wrapper_template' field has a default value defined in its table structure. If it doesn't, you may need to alter the table to set a default value for this field.

Debugging: Review the source code in the 'Setup.php' file of the CashFree Addons to understand how it's interacting with the database. You might need to modify the code to ensure that the 'wrapper_template' field is properly populated when inserting data.

Contact Support: If you continue to encounter issues, consider reaching out to CashFree Addons' support or the XenForo community for assistance. They may have encountered this specific problem before and can provide guidance or updates related to the add-on.

It's crucial to take caution when modifying database structures, especially if you're not familiar with the specific application's architecture. Always make backups before making any changes to your database to avoid data loss.
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