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DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS

DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS 3.11.0 - Untouched

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Decode updated DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS with a new update entry:

DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS v3.11.0 - Untouched

v3.11.0Released Feb 28th, 2024
  • WHMCS V8.9 support
  • MX Records section - give your clients the possibility to manage MX records of their domains and set them using pre-defined templates - case #718
  • Implemented language overrides support, enabling the utilization of customized translations
  • Support for WHMCS V8.5 and previous
  • It will be now possible to create DNS records without specifying...

Read the rest of this update entry...
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If you are running WHMCS on server or VPS you can use below method to get whmcs modules work,
Without decoding and nulling..

Null any WHMCS addon free
Use any WHMCS theme/addon without nulling or touching the code.

WARN: Please do not send me DM for addons/modules/scripts/themes -
I can help as much i can free but only if you reply to this thread post and for encrypted files i can not help you...
:: In case you have any theme/module and want to null post post your request in comment with details you have and files if any.

REPEAT: DO NOT PM - Unless i ask to .

If you are using WHMCS so you know how license works, This is easy way to use any WHMCS item without touching the source code.
Note: you may need to have VPS ( for your WHMCS) as most companies does not allow adding a domain that is not using companies nameservers.

Note: You need the secret and that is kinda difficult for some users.

Get a VPS and install whmcs on it ( you can move your existing WHMCS.
Now untouched modules & addons.
Example: modulesgarden.com
Suppose you got an addon from ModulesGarden for that.

1. Upload modules in valid folder and wait...

2. Create Fake SIte NOTE: If you are using shared hosting ignore step2 and follow this
Create a new website on your server if you are using any Panel i.e WHM, FastPanel, Plesk
Note: you need to use domain that you want to use modules from i.e www.modulesgarden.com
Note: Visit the site where from you want modules login or goto client are where WHMCS is installed and copy the URL 100% exact url.
For modulesgarden url is: https://www.modulesgarden.com/client-area
So Domain will be www.modulesgarden.com (with WWW) and WHMCS is installed in client-area)

*** Hidden text: cannot be quoted. ***

6. In file manager of modulesgarden ( newly created website delete all files and add new file i.e index.php and inside file just enter anything i.e: Working...

7. Check new site is working : curl https://modulesgarden.com
SUCCES: it should give you SSL error ignore that but it should load from

8. FIX SSL: In step 4 you created 2 files xxx.key.pem & xxx.pem
In your panel: copy paste license and install ssl
Example Certificate: cat www.modulesgarden.com.pem
Example Private Key: cat www.modulesgarden.com.key.pem
Example Authority ( content of rootCA.pem file of mkcert)

9. On some panels you need to restart apache2 and also update-ca ( update trusted CA list)

10. Now if you installed SSL and Created domain correctly you should get working...
if you run curl https://www.modulesgarden.com -v
( You will see what you put in index.php file)

11. WHMCS: each provide have different whmcs path for MG it is client-area get that name and create a new folded in newly created domain i.e client-area
BONUS: you can link your WHMCS to FAKE whmcs i.e YOUR WHMCS is at /home/user/whmcs & FAKE WHMCS needs at /home/modulesgarden/public_html
Link: ln -s /home/user/whmcs /home/modulesgarden/public_html/client-area

12. Important: In you own WHMCS login to admin panel and enable License Manager and logout
and now copy your own WHMCS in client-area
LINK your whmcs to fake whmcs see STEP11
(You never need to may any changes in FAKE WHMCS and Do not upload anything)

13. Now if you run curl https://www.modulesgarden.com/client-area
you should see default whmcs page in terminal


14. Now get the secret of module/theme you want to install ( secret is a MD5 key used to with license key as below examples.
*** Hidden text: cannot be quoted. ***

15. In you WHMCS create a new Group i.e: LICENSE and then create a new product as MD_cPanelExtened ) Use any names and make these both hidden.
when you create new product use License Manager addon and choose key length to 12 or above 11
Change settings accordingly or you can check all boxes
IMPORTANT : SECRET key field add the module secret key i.e: 659xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IMPORTANT : Key prefix should not contain number or space & should end with a _ (underscore) valid is : Fake_cPanelExtened_
NOTE: You now dont have to do anything with modulesgarden domain of files ( in case you change your database for your own WHMCS put new values in FAKE whmcs configuration.php file)
TIP: If you are on VPS & you have directories lined you dont need to do anything. See step 11.

16. If you have configured fake domain+fake whmcs+fake SSL + valid secret of addon/theme/module.
Create a new user on your whmcs and order the new item i.e: MD_cPanelExtened and iactivate it from WHMCS you will get the key

17. Now add your license key in moules license.php ( License_RENAME.php )
Check official module documentation for installation..

======== DONE ========
For secret keys you need to decode modules files to get secret key.
also you can share keys with each other.
In case anyone has has secret keys send them to me i will put them here so others can use.

*** Hidden text: cannot be quoted. ***

Above are all secrets with providers and host
i will put as much keys as i can - also if you have any share here.

Hope you enjoyed
This free tutorial/hack was shared on Babiato
I will add product in my whncs from where you can order license for free for lifetime and use it using my hosts detail...just you have to wait for few days just little bussy
Ok please, but I have installed already and it's showing licence error. I'll be waiting for your feedback thanks.
Hi guys, someone should please null this resources for use, it's showing licence error on the frontend. Thanks in advance guys!
Here is the nulled version:
as I don't have a DirectAdmin server to add and test please let me know if there is anything wrong


  • directadmin_extended_3.11.0_whmcs_nulled.zip
    21.9 MB · Views: 12
Here is the nulled version:
as I don't have a DirectAdmin server to add and test please let me know if there is anything wrong
Hi lastwall, thanks for sharing. After uploading the file to my server, I got this error on my website; The file (/home/username/domains/mydomain.com/public_html/modules/servers/directadminExtended/directadminExtended.php is invalid. Please upload the file once again or contact ModulesGarden support. Please help us look into this. Thanks for sharing again I really appreciate it.
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