Can I pay someone to Integrate SDK to my FlutterFlow Project


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May 22, 2022

download.png download-1.png Flutter SDK Integration into FlutterFlow Low-Code Builder Online, via Custom Widgets and Custom Actions

  • I cannot successfully complete the integration.

I have an account with HyperVerge and Access to the SDK's via my Dashboard, but all Flutter Docs, Plugins, SDK's are meant to for a Code Editor or App Suite, Like VS Code, IntelliJ or Android Studio. And I just cannot get my head wrapped around how to re-interpret the Integration docs, which have clear instructions to import a library, modify the gradle file, sync and run (Android Studio) > Into a a widget, with limited input into the pubspec.yaml file and no editing of the gradle file (FlutterFlow)

I am happy to pay someone who can do this for me, HyperVerge Support says, it takes about 35mins to an hour, FlutterFlow support acknowledges it is definitely possible to integrate Flutter SDK's into FlutterFlow. And their time expectancy to successfully integrate the HyperVerge SDK into my project, so that it completes all the steps from the document and takes the result of the KYC Verification and enters it into it's respective fields of the Profile Completion form of my app, which will be the very next page the app navigates to, once KYC is completed.

  • My app is already built (Completed for MVP Stage)

I unfortunately cannot download the code and continue working in VS Code or Android Studio because the purpose of the App, is for a Centre of Excellence we are trying to establish in Ethiopia to encourage their youth, to make use of Online "Low-Code / No-Code Builders" and we intended to apply for a FlutterFlow Enterprise Partnership Agreement, where they will back the project.

That all however, is the intended goal, but where I am stuck. It all means nothing.

  • If anyone can save me, has flutter and SDK understanding, but also knows how the interpretation with be to integrate into the online builder, via means of Custom Widget and Actions.

  • I am willing to pay $80

(Considering, HyperVerge's estimate of an hour's work of FlutterFlow's estimate of 2 hour's work)

Please let me know via this thread, and I will share a bit more info if anyone has questions, also, whoever chooses to help, I will share links to my app and documentation from the Dashboard of my HyperVerge Account etc.

Thank you.



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