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WP Frontend Auth v2.0.3

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WP Frontend Auth
allows you to easily extend the authentication layer of your WordPress website. One of the main features of this add-on is to display the Login, Register, Edit Profile, and Reset password forms on the front-end of your website.

This add-on comes with WP Form Builder and WP Social Login addons which are required for WP Frontend Auth.

WP Form Builder add-on allows you to extend the registration and edit profile page with unlimited form fields and the extended from fields data is saved in user_meta table.

WP Social Login add-on enables login and registration for your WordPress website with 73 popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Github, Envato.

Here’s a list of all features that comes with this plugin:

Frontend Authentication Forms
This add-on comes with shortcodes to display the login, register, edit profile, and forgot password forms on any page, post or sidebar text widget.

You can choose to add any number of custom form fields to registration and edit profile forms.

You can easily manage form field label, default value and icon to be displayed besides the field.

Multiple Registration Types
You can choose how users should get an account on your website.
  1. Direct Registration: User fills the form and once validated, a new account will be created without any verification or approvals.​
  2. Verified Registration: User fills the form and get an email to verify their account. Once the user clicks on the link, an account will be created.​
  3. Invite Only Registration: You can specify an invitation code in registration form settings and users will asked to enter that code before they can access the registration form.​
  4. Approved Registration: User fills the form and you as an admin can see the data in backend and choose to approve or decline the account.​
Automatic Page Setup
Once you install this add-on, you need to setup the pages with shortcodes. There’s an option available to setup all pages automatically which will create required pages, insert specific shortcodes and save them under Page Setup settings with just one click.

Restrict Dashboard Access
You can restrict dashboard access for certain user roles. Users with selected user roles under this settings will be redirected to your website homepage when they try to access any WordPress dashboard page.

Disable Default WordPress Login Screen
You can disable access to WordPress default login page and users will be sent to frontend page with form based on the action they want to perform.

Custom Form Fields in WordPress User Profile Page
You can choose to enable custom form fields in WordPress User Profile page.

User Meta Fields in Backend User’s List
You can choose to display User Meta Fields as additional columns in backend user’s list.

Custom or Social User Avatars
You can allow your WordPress website users to use a custom avatar by uploading an image or using their social profile picture.

Custom Login Page Redirection
You can choose to redirect logged in users to any page when they visit the login page.

Capture Extended Data on Login
You can choose to capture and save more data when users login to your website, such as, IP Address, Last login timestamp, Timezone, Country, Geo Location, Region, City and Postal Code.

Custom Registration Page Redirection
You can choose to redirect logged in users to any page when they visit the registration page.

Force Strong Passwords
You can specify minimum length for the password and force strong passwords which should contain a capital letter, special character and a number.

Role Based Menu
With this add-on you can choose different menus for different user roles without modifying any theme files. You can create different WordPress menus for visitor with links to login and register and for users with a link to logout or my account page and select the same under Role Based Menu settings page.

Woocommerce Integration
You can select a form to extend custom form fields to Woocommerce registration form.

Restricted Content
You can choose to restrict all website pages except home, login, register and reset password page or select specific pages, posts, categories, post types etc. which are only available for logged in users. This add-on also has shortcodes that can be used to display the content only to visitors or logged in users.

Override WordPress Email Settings
You can change the From Name and From Email headers for emails sent by this add-on. You can also specify custom HTML to include above and below the email message.

Dynamic Variables to use data in outgoing emails
You can use various dynamic variables in outgoing email to personalize outgoing email messages.

Custom email messages
You can easily customize and personalise all outgoing emails sent to the user via this add-on.

Bulk Insert and Update Users
You can bulk import users to your WordPress website. Download users in a .CSV file and update multiple users at once.

Localization Ready
You can easily localize this plugin via .PO file or Loco Translate plugin.
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