WooCommerce Waitlist

WooCommerce Waitlist v2.3.8

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Download WooCommerce Waitlist v2.3.8 Nulled Free
2023.03.16 - v2.3.8

* Fix: Update to translations template file
Download WooCommerce Waitlist v2.3.7 Nulled Free
2023.01.31 - v2.3.7

* Fix: Waitlist mailouts not always sending for variations when setting stock status
2023.01.10 - Version 2.3.6
* Fix: Updates for security audit
* Fix: Double opt-in email escaping allows '+' symbol
* Added: Optional filter to add extra emails to all waitlist mailouts: 'wcwl_mailout_extra_email_addresses'
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Download WooCommerce Waitlist v2.3.5 Nulled Free
2022.10.27 - v2.3.5

* Fix: Invalid product IDs stopping export of waitlist data
* Fix: Product bundles being ignored by global exporter
* Feature: Newly created users now force a page reload after they have been added to the waitlist
* Added: Filter to redirect new users after they have an account created for them (wcwl_redirect_after_account_auto_create)
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Download WooCommerce Waitlist v2.3.4 Nulled Free
2022.09.06 - v2.3.4

* Fix: Raw HTML ouputting on user account waitlist page
Download WooCommerce Waitlist v2.3.3 Nulled Free
2022.08.15 - v2.3.3

Fix: Users not always logged in correctly after account created
Fix: Waitlist not updating for private products
Fix: SQL optimised for custom exporter
Added: Filter around shortcode depending on product type
Added: Security improvements
Added: Variable products excluded from account template (in case of accidentally joining parent waitlist)
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Download WooCommerce Waitlist v2.3.2 Nulled Free
2021.11.05 - v2.3.2

Fix: Some specific setups for variations were not sending out Mailouts incorrectly
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Download WooCommerce Waitlist v2.3.1 Nulled Free
2021.11.03 - v2.3.1

Fix: version meta update running query unnecessarily
Fix: mailouts not always sending for parent product bundles
Download WooCommerce Waitlist v2.3.0 Nulled Free
2021.08.02 - v2.3.0

Added: Import/export options for waitlist data within WooCommerce's product exporter
Added: Waitlist elements will now show by default within Elementor template
Added: Option for double opt-in (via email) for non-registered users when joining waitlist
Added: Filter to disable showing waitlist within Elementor template (wcwl_add_waitlist_for_elementor)
Added: minimal styling to button on archive page to avoid overlap
Download WooCommerce Waitlist v2.2.6 Nulled Free
2021.07.02 - v2.2.6

* Added: Compatibility with chained products plugin