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Improve Your Best Sales Tool: Product Reviews Pro

It’s no secret that product reviews are an extremely powerful tool for online conversions as they provide social proof. Studies show that about 70% of customerslook at product reviews before purchasing 1, and over 63% of customers are more likely to purchase if a site has product ratings and reviews 2. Some studies even suggest that these statistics are higher:

85.57% of the participants stated that they read reviews often or very often before they purchase online. Of the participants who read reviews, 83.65% compare positive and negative reviews with each other. 3

While product reviews are extremely powerful selling tools, they’re typically underutilized by online stores. WooCommerce includes some of the best core review options available, yet these still underachieve when compared to what product reviews can do.

That’s what WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro is for: you can supercharge your product reviews to add Amazon-style reviews and filtering, add even more review capabilities, and provide additional discussion options. Give your customers the review capabilities they expect from shopping at large e-retailers within your own store!

Product Reviews Pro will allow you to accept product reviews in the same way that you do now, but you can also accept user photos and videos as part of the review, as well as add “review qualifiers”, which are questions about the product in a dropdown (how it fit, if it was comfortable, etc.):
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