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WooCommerce Memberships
is not just another plugin for restricting your site’s content: it’s an easy-to-use, site-wide membership solution that brings your content, shop, and memberships together.
You can restrict your content to members, but you can also “drip” that content over time to schedule when members have access. Sell access to memberships, include memberships with product purchases, manually assign memberships, and completely integrate member perks within your store.
Sell or Assign Memberships
Memberships are not a specific type of WooCommerce product; instead, membership plans are created independently from products. This lets you determine how access is granted for maximum flexibility. You can assign 0 or more products (of almost any type) to a membership plan to support several types of memberships:

  • sell a membership as stand-alone product — create a product for the membership, then tie the plan to that product to sell it
  • grant access to a membership as part of a product purchase — i.e., buy a subscription for a meal box, get access to the recipes section for free
  • grant access to the same membership from several products (i.e., a yearly purchase or a monthly subscription)
  • assign memberships manually for an invite-only members area
You put a lot of work into your members-only content, so Memberships lets you schedule when your members should have access to it. You can drip content, which means that you can schedule when members should have access to your content. For example, you can require that customers be a member for a week before they can access certain posts or pages.
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