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WooCommerce Kissmetrics v1.16.0

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Get Actionable Metrics for Your WooCommerce Store with Kissmetrics
Add Kissmetrics tracking to your WooCommerce store with one click and start getting actionable metrics today. Easily build a customized dashboard that shows you the metrics you care about, visualize your checkout funnel with sales funnel reports, and watch visitors interact with your store in real-time.

No need to manually add javascript and read through the Kissmetrics integration guides for hours – this plugin does all setup for event tracking for your store and sends the correct data to your Kissmetrics account.

Designed for Kissmetrics
Kissmetrics is the premier analytics tool that shows you actionable metrics for your business. Use this extension to integrate Kissmetrics with your WooCommerce store and save 20+ hours (and guaranteed headache) in setup time! If you don’t already have a Kissmetrics account, sign up for Kissmetrics — free for 14 days.
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