Tap Tap Builder + (much money) Free For Android

Tap Tap Builder + (much money) Free For Android 3.4.4

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Tap Tap Builder is a new smart game from HeroCraft that combines both gradostroy and tapa simulator simultaneously. By tradition, the construction of a huge city should start from scratch on a remote island. Habitual for building timers are absent, and for workers to hurry up, they must indulge in an impetuous click. Yes, and almost any action will have to be performed manually. But over time, you can hire your own assistants.

• This city will not build itself, click to build it!
• Tired of tapping? Hire workers!
• The city continues to grow and bring you money, even when you're away!
• Share resources with friends!
• Fire, crime, unemployment - deal with everything, you are in charge!
• Build your own city, with blackjack and spaceport!

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