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Smart Cleanup Tools - Plugin for WordPress v5.2.2

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Smart Cleanup Tools is an easy to use, powerful plugin for database cleanup with total of 37 cleanup, reset and removal tools. With this plugin you can remove data that is no longer in use, or it is unneeded.

Also, it can help you restore database overhead and speed up database operations. Plugin supports WordPress multisite, and it has few tools designed for the Network administration.

Main plugin panel shows quick cleanup tool with overview of active tools, found records for removal and estimated size to be recovered. Quick cleanup uses all cleanup tools. If you want to review everything before cleanup, open Cleanup panel for list of all available tools.

Smart Cleanup Tools contains 21 cleanup tools that can remove most of the obsolete or orphaned data in the WordPress database. You can see estimated records that each tool will remove. You can also disable each tool from plugin Settings panel.

List of cleanup tools
  • Remove WooCommerce sessions in options table (v4.5)
  • Remove orphaned terms records (v3.2)
  • Remove oEmbed cached postmeta records (v3.1)
  • Remove orphaned relationships records (v3.0)
  • Remove expired transient records (also in multisite mode) (v2.5)
  • Remove auto-draft posts records
  • Remove trashed posts records
  • Remove spammed posts records
  • Remove published posts revisions records
  • Remove orphaned posts revisions records
  • Remove trashed comments records
  • Remove spammed comments records
  • Remove orphaned postmeta records
  • Remove orphaned comment meta records
  • Remove orphaned comments records
  • Remove RSS feeds cache
  • Remove empty user meta records
  • Remove transient records (also in multisite mode)
  • Remove database overhead (also in multisite mode)
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