PrivateContent - Premium Plans add-on

PrivateContent - Premium Plans add-on v2.2.0

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Turn PrivateContent into a true premium membership platform. The add-on takes advantage of WooCommerce systems to handle payments and set subscription time limits.

Pay and time-limited subscriptions for PrivateContent
PrivateContent is known to be a free membership plugin, but what if you want to make money with your website?

Premium Plans add-on satisfies this need, turning the original plugin into a true platform to monetize your contents and set time limits.

It is based on the most popular wordpress e-commerce system: wooCommerce!
Using its powerful, stable and extensibile systems to create subscription plans and manage payments, offering the most complete e-commerce experience you can have today.

As per LCweb’s philosophy, you have complete fredom on setup: plans can be free or also without time limit.
You can even set a trial period, applied to new registered users.

Premium plans could be also a great way to allow only trusted users into your list: in fact is possible to automatically enable pending users after successful payment.
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