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The MainWP Piwik Extension gives you the ability to view your Piwik data for your child sites in your MainWP Dashboard. It adds a widget to your main dashboard where you can monitor Piwik data from.

Why Use Matomo (ex Piwik)?
We can’t say it much better then Matomo does themselves on their Privacy Page but I will quote some of the more important parts for our users.
“If you use Google Analytics on your website, Google would not only know all of the IP addresses (and other browser unique identifiers) of visitors to your website (and which pages they looked at on your site), but because most other websites use GA as well (or another Google product), Google would also, for example, know the 6 other websites that person visited earlier that day and the 367 websites he looked at in the last month. Because more than 60% of all websites on the Internet use GA , Google Adsense or another Google product using tracking beacons – “Only 36.5% of the web is Google-free” – Google is able to build a very accurate picture of most websites visited by any given user. “​
“Piwik is the leading self-hosted, privacy compliant, decentralized, modern & Free (GPL License) web analytics platform, a building block of the free and open Internet. By using Piwik and configuring a few options as explained in this guide, you will ensure that all of your valuable information is private and owned by one person (you!) and that your website also, just as importantly, respects your visitors’ privacy.”​
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