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Easy Digital Downloads Invoices Addon

Easy Digital Downloads Invoices Addon v1.3.5

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Download Easy Digital Downloads Invoices Addon v1.3.5 Nulled Free
v1.3.5, October 12, 2022

  • New: Invoices is now compatible with the EDD Order History, EDD Receipt, and EDD Confirmation blocks.
  • Fix: Some currency values on the invoice would display in the store default currency when an alternate currency was used.
  • Modified template: invoice-table.php.
Download Easy Digital Downloads Invoices Addon v1.3.4 Nulled Free
v1.3.4, March 1, 2022

  • New: The invoice update form is now a template file.
  • Change: After updating an invoice, the updated invoice opens in a new tab.
  • Change: After updating an invoice, the "Back" button is now a "Home" button.
  • Fix: The email tag was not rendering correctly in emails.
  • Fix: An out of date translation file was removed.
Download Easy Digital Downloads Invoices Addon v1.3.3 Nulled Free
v1.3.3, February 3, 2022

  • New: Invoices can now be disabled for free purchases via the extension settings.
  • Fix: Order items on invoices now show the subtotal amount for each product, rather than the amount after fees.
  • Fix: Invoices now use the correct order date.
  • Fix: Orders with incomplete data could throw notices during the migration to EDD 3.0.
Download Easy Digital Downloads Invoices Addon v1.3.2 Nulled Free
v1.3.2, December 21, 2021

  • New: Split the invoice-contacts.php into two separate template files: invoice-company.php and invoice-customer.php. The output was not changed.
  • Fix: The updated library script was causing unexpected output and has been rolled back to a stable version.
  • Fix: When both Software Licensing and Invoices are active, the table headings on the purchase history page were swapped.
  • Dev: Add edd_invoices_after_company_details and edd_invoices_after_customer_details hooks for increased third party plugin compatibility.
Download Easy Digital Downloads Invoices Addon v1.3.1 Nulled Free
v1.3.1, December 2, 2021

  • New: Added optional company name to invoices.
  • Template changed: templates/invoice-contacts.php (to include company name).
  • Changed: Invoice settings are now located under the Payments tab when EDD is at least 2.11.3.
  • Fixed: Customer last name was not showing on invoices.
  • Fixed: Custom invoice prefixes were incorrectly being capitalized by CSS.
  • Dev: Refactor how the plugin is loaded and checks system requirements.
  • Dev: Replaced a sanitization filter which is deprecated in PHP 8.1.
  • Dev: Update html2pdf library.
Download Easy Digital Downloads Invoices Addon v1.3 Nulled Free
v1.3.0, November 8, 2021

  • New: Added a button to download the invoice as a PDF.
  • New: Added invoice style settings.
  • New: Added an option to prevent customers from editing their invoice address / billing details.
  • New: Added "View Invoice" links on admin payment history page and individual payment page.
  • New: Added the {edd_invoice} email tag to add a "View Invoice" invoice link to purchase receipts.
  • New: Guests can now view invoices for their purchases via secure URLs.
  • Improvement: The links to view an invoice now take you straight to the invoice itself instead of the generation form. If enabled, editing fields can still be done via an "Update" button on the invoice itself.
  • Refactor: The company address setting is now a textarea, allowing for more freeform input. (Existing address details are migrated automatically.)
  • Fix: Prevent unnecessary files from being deployed.
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Download Easy Digital Downloads Invoices Addon v1.2.2 Nulled Free

v1.2.2, July 12, 2021

  • Modified templates: invoice-table.php
  • New: Invoices can now be generated for refunded payments.
  • Improvement: Software Licensing renewal discounts are now shown on invoices.
  • Fix: Invoice not using the name entered in the generation form.
  • Dev: Use new order history hook in EDD 3.0.
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