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Simple but Powerful
Our goal and philosophy for Beaver Builder[nulled] is to create a toolset that’s powerful enough for developers, but simple enough for end users. The Beaver Builder theme is the perfect balance of settings and functionality. As a web agency, we’ve spent years working with thousands of clients, and we built this theme to serve real world needs.

Live Editing via the WordPress Customizer
We’ve fully adopted the WordPress Customizer for all of our theme settings. This enables you to live preview any of your theme setting changes. With Beaver Builder, editing your theme is just as easy as editing your pages.

What we do differently
Other popular framework themes offer child themes with a variety of different designs. The downside to this is that WordPress doesn’t support “grandchild” themes. If you wanted to modify one of the other guys’ child themes, you’re stuck. We do things a bit differently. We have a variety of presets that automatically update the theme settings to create dozens of different styles with the click of a button. You can then modify these presets to your heart’s content with the Beaver Builder child theme.

Built on Bootstrap
The Beaver Builder theme utilizes the popular Bootstrap framework as its CSS base. With best practices baked in and a thriving community, Bootstrap puts you in good hands.

You’re in Good Company
Over 15,000 websites are using the Beaver Builder Theme and it powers several high-traffic websites and blogs. The stability of our theme has been battle tested and it’s a great choice for projects of any size.

What's the difference between Beaver Builder Theme and Beaver Themer?

Beaver Builder Theme is a WordPress theme. The Beaver Builder plugin and Beaver Themer are both plugins.

The Beaver Builder plugin lets you easily create layouts in the content area of the page. That's the part of the page that is not controlled by a theme.

The Beaver Themer plugin is an add-on plugin that uses Beaver Builder to create layouts that you can apply anywhere on the page except the content area. For example, you could create a Themer layout for a header and use it to replace the standard theme header on all pages on your site or a subset.

Which of the three Beaver Builder products do you need?

The Beaver Builder plugin is the base product, and it's used for creating content layouts. It works with most themes and does not require the Beaver Builder Theme or Beaver Themer.

The Beaver Builder Theme is a well-coded framework theme that is tightly integrated with the Beaver Builder plugin. The Beaver Beaver plugin plus Beaver Builder Theme give you enough flexibility that you'll probably never have to buy another theme.

Beaver Themer is the add-on to get if you want to do any of the following:
  • Create header or footer layouts that override your theme.
  • Create layouts for index, archive, search, and 404 pages that are dynamically generated by WordPress.
  • Create layouts to display single posts, which override the parts of the page that lie outside the content area.
    With this type of layout, you use the WordPress editor to create the content that appears in the content area of the page.
  • Create layout "parts" that can be inserted above or below headers, footers, or the content area and specify where they will appear.
    This layout type is ideal for inserting items like banners on a number of pages.

Beaver Themer requires the Beaver Builder plugin, but it doesn't require the Beaver Builder Theme, even though all three are designed to integrate well together.
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