Barn2 Media WooCommerce Product Table

Barn2 Media WooCommerce Product Table v3.0.5

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Download Barn2 Media WooCommerce Product Table v3.0.5 Nulled Free
= v3.0.5 = Release date 27 February 2023 Thanks To @TassieNZ

* Fix: Variation forms cause endless loop when updating in hidden cell
* Dev: Tested up to WooCommerce 7.4.0.
Download Barn2 Media WooCommerce Product Table v3.0.4 Nulled Free
= v3.0.4 = Release date 4 April 2023

* Fix: Fixed a bug with custom filters not being displayed.
* Dev: Tested up to WordPress 6.2.
Release date 12 March 2022

  • FIX
    Fix the 'Filter by attribute' widgets to support changes made in WooCommerce 6.3.
  • FIX
    Sort by SKU was hiding certain products in the table which didn't have an SKU.
  • Tested up to WordPress 5.9.2 and WooCommerce 6.3.1.
Download Barn2 Media WooCommerce Product Table v2.9.3 Nulled Free
= v2.9.3 = Release date 1 February 2022

* Fix: Date custom fields are now displayed in the correct language, instead of only in English.
* Fix: Using certain special characters in the 'cf' option caused the custom field selection to fail.
* Fix: Improve compatibility with the Porto theme.
* Tested up to WordPress 5.9 and WooCommerce 6.1.1.
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Download Barn2 Media WooCommerce Product Table v2.9.2 Nulled Free
= v2.9.2 = Release date 3 January 2022

* Fix: Remove unused security token to prevent problems with caching plugins.
* Fix: The 'links' option now correctly supports the 'id' column and using 'false' to disable all links.
* Fix: Improved sorting for grouped and variable products.
* Updated Italian translations.
* Added hooks for internal sort data used to sort products (standard loading).
* Updated widgets to reflect the latest changes in WooCommerce, and renamed to PSR-4 standard.
* Removed FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING as deprecated in PHP 8.1.
* Removed woocommerce-compat.php as no longer needed.
* Tested up to WordPress 5.8.2, WooCommerce 6.0 and WooCommerce Product Addons 4.4.
Download Barn2 Media WooCommerce Product Table v2.9.1 Nulled Free
= v2.9.1 = Release date 18 October 2021

* Fix: Fixed an issue with filter dropdowns caused by the WooCommerce 5.8 update.
* Added Dutch and Dutch Formal translations.
* Updated French, German and Spanish translations, including extra locales for Spanish.
* Dev: Updated script and CSS distribution to webpack.
* Dev: Replace wp_localize_script with wp_add_inline_script.
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Download Barn2 Media WooCommerce Product Table v2.9.0 Nulled Free
= v2.9 = Release date 16 September 2021

* Fix: Theme compatibility issues in Woodmart, Avada, Flatsome, Enfold and Juipter themes.
* Improved RTL language support.
* Styling improvements in WooCommerce Product Addons.
* Tested up to WordPress 5.8.1 and WooCommerce 5.7.0;
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Download Barn2 Media WooCommerce Product Table v2.8.7 Nulled Free
= v2.8.7 = Release date 6 August 2021

* Improve integration with WooCommerce Product Addons.
* Always show 'All' option in page length dropdown menu.
* Improve behavior of automatic checkbox selection when changing item quantity.
* Improve reset of product after adding a single product to the cart.
* Fix: Bug when sorting the table by custom field when the same field is also selected via the 'cf' option.
* Fix: Bug with WooCommerce Product Addons which prevented addons being added to the cart via the checkbox column.
* Fix: Bug with 'user_products' option when using lazy load or with a product limit of -1.
Download Barn2 Media WooCommerce Product Table v2.8.6 Nulled Free
= v2.8.6 = Release date 30 June 2021

* Use a custom class for the variations form to prevent clashes with WooCommerce.
* Styling improvements for WooCommerce Product Addons.
* Tested up to WooCommerce 5.5 and WordPress 5.8.
* Fix: Prevent accidental update of main product image when selecting a variation from the table when table is used on the single product page.
* Fix: Increase the order limit for the 'user_products' option.
* Fix: An issue with filter dropdowns when logged in and admin bar displayed causing usability issue with dropdown items.
* Fix: An issue with filter dropdowns where the width was set incorrectly in some browsers (e.g. Safari) causing the placeholder to be truncated.
* Fix: Added checks to prevent 'class already declared' errors on some server configurations.
* Fix: Fixes for Salient and Porto themes.
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Download Barn2 Media WooCommerce Product Table v2.8.5 Nulled Free
= v2.8.5 = Release date 20 April 2021

* Fix: An issue with the positioning of the search filter dropdown items introduced after the WooCommerce 5.2 update.
* Fix: A bug with user_products attribute showing all ordered products if user has none.
* Fix: A bug with missing products on user_products attribute when product_limit is set to -1.
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